Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Harford County Real Estate Agents Close Another Home!!

RosserHarford County Real Estate Agents Close Another Home!! 
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Compass Home Group, your premier Harford County Real Estate Agents close another deal and Bring Dreams Home for Jeanne as she moves on to the deep South! Jeanne and her story:

After doing research online, Jeanne called the Compass Home Group to visit and assess her home’s value. It was Tim’s online bio that really prompter her to sell her home with Compass Home Group. Tim & Michele met with Jeanne right away. After discussing her goals, the strategy was provided to ultimately see her to success. Through meeting with Jeanne, Tim & Michele were able to talk about potential feedback (no exit from her basement, flag lot, and some others) that may have ultimately effected her sale. Preparing for this helped lessen the blow when it showed up. Jeanne was also painting, replacing carpet, and removing items from the home to get the home in it’s best showcase position.

 Jeanne was attentive to feedback, worked along with the team, and constructively used her feedback to place her home in the best light for getting an offer. And…that’s just what happened! Not only did she get a contract, it was an as-is sale eliminating one of the most major negotiations after a home sells. And, let’s face it, a little less stress allows you a lot more smiles.

When asked, Jeanne told us why she picked the Compass Home Group, your premier Harford County Real Estate Agent, to represent her home sale. "Tim’s online bio is the reason I decided to sell my home through Compass Home Group. I would recommend their services because of their customer interface, communication skills, knowledge of market, and use of electronic and social media. If you're interested in selling your Harford County home, complete this short survey for a FREE market valuation of your home. The Compass Home Group has over 20 years experience in the Harford County Homes market, they are the premier Harford County Real Estate Agent team, located right in Bel Air ready to serve you!  

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty  
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